Why Trade the Stock Market

There is only 24 hours in a day and yet some people earn minimum wage while  others earn $300.00 per hour.  What sets them apart is it education,specialized trade, or time management?  I chose time management because they say time is money.  Weather your in the FOREX,Options,Currency, Stocks,Bonds somewhere around the world 24hours a day someone is trading the markets.

The stock market can be treated as a business.   Like any other mom and pop retail store  someone out there is buying a product at wholesale and selling it at retail.  In this blog the product is OPTIONS.  The stock options is a unique product to buy or sell because you can not smell it, you can not taste it, and you can not touch it.  These options are not investments where I hold on to it for years but only a few days.  Options are very aggressive investments.  Time works against you as an option trader.  The old saying is so true in options” Time is money” this is what makes options exciting.  At the end of the day my laptop retail store should have a profit from my options

But the goal is if I can make $300.00 an hour  or double my current hourly rate. Then  I’ll be happy.