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Whats the probability you will get your money back with interest

Can exercising make you a better stock trader?

I believe any form of exercising can make you a much better person.  Exercising gives you the opportunity to release your stress in your daily life.  I like to look at it as the alone time every person needs, like … Continue reading

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Invest in Mastercard get a roller coaster ride

I was looking for some kind of business in the financial markets that makes a lot of money. Then it hit me it was in my hand the whole time,a credit card.  I use my MasterCard all the time for … Continue reading

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Day trade a double edge sword

I am not a day trader but it is nice to have that option to trade like a day trader.  So about three weeks ago February 15 I set out a simple plan to attempt my first day trade, I … Continue reading

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Greedy with Pizza Hut

Last week I bought a stock option call YUM.  A fitting name for a company that owns the brands of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, and A&W Food Restaurants.  I buy stocks in companies where I understand … Continue reading

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Options expired

The options will be expiring this week, There for there will be a lot of buying and selling this week.  But the questions is to do a quick trade and hopefully profit before this Friday or buy a contract to … Continue reading

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