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Macro and Micro economics that can affect the stock price

Invest in Mastercard get a roller coaster ride

I was looking for some kind of business in the financial markets that makes a lot of money. Then it hit me it was in my hand the whole time,a credit card.  I use my MasterCard all the time for … Continue reading

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Day trade a double edge sword

I am not a day trader but it is nice to have that option to trade like a day trader.  So about three weeks ago February 15 I set out a simple plan to attempt my first day trade, I … Continue reading

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Numbers,Stats and Averages

The football is a major event in America.  As I watch the Superbowl the commentators are going over all the details of the players like who they are, where there from, how many yards they run or the number of … Continue reading

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Option Trade Netflix

11 days ago I bought at whole sale Netflix option strike price 130 call option for $284.00 but the first three days the price went as low as 70.00 not a good feeling losing more that 3/4 your investment.  This … Continue reading

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