Results of the picks

HRB 24.26 no real change in price went as high as 24.50

BKE 18.90 put@.50 went as high as 19.20but I bet in the wrong direction it never went down but technical say other wish

NBR 13.95 put 13 April @.48😀 took a lose did not get out in time but went as low as 12.80 next day

GWR 68.74 😐April  70 call 1.50,took a loss. Dojo  had indecision wait for confirmation then invest in that direction like going short broke the moving average  in two days

PEI 15.07 call April took a loss but really going down trend as predicted 

NKE 57.60😀April call 74 went as high as 58.01

Lesson is to make the trade then get out in 1-2days have a stop order. Take the small profit .options move fast have protective stops

On a positive note I did pick investment  that did move in a direction and they move a lot more than .30

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