Can exercising make you a better stock trader?

I believe any form of exercising can make you a much better person.  Exercising gives you the opportunity to release your stress in your daily life.  I like to look at it as the alone time every person needs, like the a zen moment or prayer time something to clear the mind and refocus on whats really important in your life because there is so much noise in the world you can be pulled in all directions and not accomplish anything.  As a stock trader exercising should be part of a daily routine before placing a trade.

In the markets there is a lot of information noise that can overwhelm a person like the news, CNBC,Wall St Journal,uptrends, tech stocks,mergers etc…However when you exercise your head would be clear and focused and you will not make emotional decisions on an investment.  Instead your decision will be made with good business sense.  Like the saying goes “You have to have a strong stomach to trade the markets.”  If you follow any person who is at the top  of their profession they are following some kind of daily exercise program that works for them.  I wonder what exercise YOU  do ?

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